After the announcement in 2014 that Amazon acquired Twitch, the most requested and talked about feature to be integrated with Twitch was Amazon Prime. The mass majority of people who do their online shopping right now and avidly use Amazon usually end up subscribing to Amazon Prime for the free two day delivery service and other benefits. In fact most recently according to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, there are over 100 million global subscribres to Amazon Prime. So needless to say, now that Amazon owns Twitch, people were excited to hear about the new Twitch Prime service that is completely free for existing Amazon Prime subscribers.

What is Twitch Prime?

Included with Amazon Prime and Prime Video memberships, Twitch Prime is a premium experience for those users on Twitch. Gamers and viewers of Twitch will get quite a handful of benefits every month as part of this Twitch Prime service. Some of this Twitch Prime content that you’ll receive every month includes loot and content for games, a free subscription to any twitch partner or affiliate’s channel, no more ads on Twitch for ad-free viewing experience, emotes that only Twitch Prime members will have, and a special chat badge of a blue crown.

List of Twitch Prime Benefits

Below is a complete list of all of the specific Twitch Prime benefits that you would get every single month as member of Amazon Prime.

Free Games and In-Game Content / Loot

Every month Twitch Prime members will get access to free in-game content and a wide variety of video games completely free! You can view the in-game content and currently offered free fully released video game titles from the twitch website under the crown icon in the header.

Ad-Free Viewing Across Twitch

Tired of seeing those pesky ads before and during Twitch streams? As a Twitch Prime member you’ll no longer see or have to experience ads again across Twitch. The best part about this feature is not only do you no longer see ads on Twitch, but Twitch Partners and Affiliates will still get paid for ad impressions as a Twitch Prime member. TIP: Disable your ad blocker if you’re currently a Twitch Prime member, so you can still support your favorite streamers and still not see any ads.

Free Channel Subscription Every Month

Every 30 days you’ll have access to a free Twitch channel subscription to use on any Twitch Partner or Affiliate channel and get access to all of that channel’s subscriber benefits. Not only do you get a subscription to that channel for free, but the Twitch partner or affiliate gets the full cost of that subscription in their earnings.

Twitch Prime EmotesExclusive Twitch Prime Emotes

You’ll have access to a full set of Twitch Prime exclusive emotes to use all across Twitch, that only Twitch Prime and Twitch Turbo users will have access to. Some of these emotes include TableHere, FlipThis, KappaHD, miniK, and many many more.

More Twitch Chat Username Color Options

There’s a fully expanded color toggle system for your chat username while chatting on Twitch. With Twitch Prime you now have the option to pick any potential color you can think of for your username. This is all done with a three slider color value selector (RGB), and can changed through your prime settings.

Twitch Prime Chat Badge

Exclusive to Twitch Prime members, you can now toggle on and off a blue crown chat badge to the left of your username in Twitch chat. Disable or enable this badge to show that you’re a Twitch Prime member!

How Do I Get Twitch Prime for Free?

Amazon Prime members get full access to Twitch Prime for free, and you can even head over to Amazon and Try Twitch Prime Today for 30 days! Following through that link should give you an option to try out Twitch Prime for 30 days, and get the full benefits immediately.