Another month of Twitch Prime Rewards are here for Heroes of the Storm! For the month of May 2018 you’ll be able to get the Glitch-Steed Mount and 5 Rare Loot Chests for Heroes of the Storm! Don’t have Twitch Prime? Head on over to Amazon to try Twitch Prime for 30 Days Free and get the loot!

How to Get Heroes of the Storm Glitch-Steed Mount

With Twitch Prime this month you’ll be able to get access to the free Glitch-Steed Mount in Heroes of the Storm.  The description of this mount says, “The knight’s the one who gets all the credit, but it’s the horse who jumps over everyone else.”

Heroes of the Storm Twitch Prime Rewards & Loot for May 2018

How Do I Get Twitch Prime?

You can even head over to Amazon and Try Twitch Prime Today for 30 days! Following through that link should give you an option to try out Twitch Prime for 30 days, and get the full benefits immediately.

You can read more about the benefits of Twitch Prime here.