Those of you looking to increase the professional quality of your video game livestreaming, will probably want to invest in a proper green screen. The most popular streaming applications like OBS, SLOBS, and XSplit all support chroma key background remover. This allows you to remove a specific color from your webcam source and have a transparent background. You’ll then place a giant green screen behind your webcam and chroma key out the green, so then you’re presented with a professional cut out view of yourself over your gameplay.

I can tell you from personal experience from four years ago, trying to get a proper green screen working for my stream, and it was such a hassle. I had gone to the local Michaels store (arts and fabric store) and bought a whole bunch of green fabric, and had to get it cut to size at the store. Then brought it home and pinned it up on my wall to try to chroma key myself out for my stream. Although this worked, there were always issues with creasing / wrinkles of the fabric showing up, and it was just a huge pain to do haha.

Now there’s an incredibly easier, portable way… enter the Collapsible Elgato Green Screen! You can buy over at Amazon, which might have a great sale price or deal going on with it right now.

Elgato Green Screen Pros

Below I’ll be listing all the pros for the Elgato Green Screen

Wrinkle Resistant and Excellent Quality

One of the best features of the Elgato Green Screen is that it’s heavily wrinkle resistant. As soon as you pull the green screen up and open to use, you’ll notice that it’s super smooth and flat. You won’t have any issues with wrinkles or creases when using this green screen. Wrinkles and creases were a huge problem for me when trying to holster up green fabric from my earlier ventures, as they would always show up on the stream from the shadows displacing the green screen color. With the Elgato Green Screen being wrinkle resistant, this is not an issue anymore.

Sturdy Collapsible Base

Since the green screen comes out of the large bottom aluminium case and pulls up, the base itself is extremely sturdy. It’ll not budge easily, or easily topple over. The bottom aluminum case that rolls the green screen out of it will hold your green screen in place without any issues.

Super Quick Deployment – Start Using in Seconds

This green screen, as mentioned before with the aluminum case, allows you to easily lift the green screen out to the proper height and lock it in place. All you do is open the bottom case, lift the handle to a suitable height, and the back has an x-frame system that will automatically lock the green screen in place. It literally takes less than 5 seconds to pull the green screen out, and have it set up and ready to go!

Collapsible Design Allows for Easy Storage

When you’re not streaming and want to remove the green screen out of the way, just like setting it up – it’s super easy to store for later! You can easily unlock and push the green screen back inside the sturdy aluminum case, close it, and store it for later. The base is small enough in height that you’ll be able to for example store it under a bed or desk for later use. When I was using green fabric on my wall… I could never take it down. I had this ugly pinned up fabric monster on my wall, which did not look great at all.

Elgato Green Screen Cons

Below I’ll list some of the cons of the Elgato Green Screen, which quite frankly isn’t that much to begin with, (it’s only one minor con!).

Cost Is an Investment

The Elgato Green Screen price generally floats around $159.95, but you can sometimes find good deals over on Amazon. So, this would be an investment for your stream, but the pros and quality of the green screen outweighs the price in my opinion. I’ve tried to go the cheaper route before with my Michaels story above and did not like the hassle that came with custom creating my own.

Elgato Green Screen Specs

Size / Dimensions and Weight

1480 x 1800 mm / 58.27 x 70.87 in (screen); 1645 x 105 x 115 mm / 64.76 x 4.13 x 4.53 in (retracted)

9,3kg /


100% Polyester

In The Box

Green Screen, Quick Start Guide

So Overall is The Elgato Green Screen Worth It?

Yes, yes, and yes! We highly recommend this green screen for it’s excellent build quality, the ease of use and quick set up, plus the fact it’s easy to quickly store for later use. If you’ve tried and been fumbling around with other green screen alternatives like buying fabric from the store, I’d stop and invest in a proper green screen like this.

Where to buy the Elgato Green Screen?

If you’re interested in buying the Elgato Green Screen, I recommend checking Amazon here to get the best price, sometimes there’s even certain sales going on.